It’s been a busy week at BVP! May 1st through May 7th is National Charter Schools Week (NCSW). It’s also National Teacher Appreciation Week. NCSW is the perfect opportunity to highlight the unique opportunities we as public charter schools have to be innovative. We craft our own curriculum, implement new approaches, and have the opportunity to develop a community culture unique to our schools. To make all this happen – great teachers are essential. We are fortunate to have an amazing team of educators at each of the 5 schools in our network who care deeply about our scholars’ education. They constantly go above and beyond to search for and create opportunities to be innovative and raise the bar on education.

So this week in recognition of NCSW and National Teacher Appreciation Week, not only do we celebrate the innovation we have the opportunity to take part in, but also the amazing teachers who work hard to drive it forward. They are the ones who make it all possible and they are the ones innovating each and every day.

For example:

  • Scholars are exposed to many instruments. For example, at Elementary School 1, they were able to start their own rock orchestra that includes violin, viola, cello, and a drum kit. Scholars love it so much, they can often be found voluntarily spending their recess in the music room for “jam sessions”!
  • All BVP schools host “Opportunity Days”. These are Saturdays when scholars come in for extra support in subjects where they may need help or participate in service projects. These days are truly an opportunity for both learning and fun that our scholars look forward to.
  • Our third grade scholars recently completed a research project about female inventors. Scholars discovered that many people cannot name a single female inventor, while most can name multiple male inventors. The scholars each found a female inventor they were interested in, learned more about them, created a posters to tell each inventor’s story, and then hung them in the hallways to share with others how amazing each female inventor was.

Thank you to all of our teachers for going above and beyond!