by Guest Blogger Lindsay Priam, BVP 3rd Grade Teacher

     The 2015 High Expectations Conference: College and Career for All held last Saturday was incredible time well spent. With 200+ other attendees from across the state and region, it allowed education leaders, teachers, and families an opportunity to come together and
discuss what it means to hold our students to high expectations in the
classroom and at home. The conference was an excellent reminder that as Dr.
Seuss once said, “children want the
same things we want: to laugh, to be challenged, to be entertained, and
and the sessions
gave attendees tools to make these desires a reality for all children.

of my biggest takeaways from the conference was the importance of struggle. As a teacher,
it’s always hard
watching my scholars struggle.
There is always an urge to jump in and rescue
them from the discomfort of struggling with complex texts or challenging
prompts. However, as keynote speaker, Kate Gerson, reminded all of us, there is
beauty in struggle. By providing our scholars with time and just the right
amount of guidance, they will get through the struggle, and we would have
taught them 2 of the most important life skills of all – how to persevere and
be critical thinkers

     Parents play such a
vital role in the education of their children. Last year, I attended the Raise the Bar conference in Atlanta, Georgia. Staff from the organization joined us Saturday too and further reinforced the value of teachers and families building authentic, respectful, focused relationships
and partnerships as we work together to help our scholars achieve at their
absolute highest potential.