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Meet our Scholar Ambassadors

Scholar Ambassadors are exceptional sixth and seventh grade scholars who are actively involved in promoting Blackstone Valley Prep's mission and values to the greater community. As ambassadors, scholars exemplify BVP's PRIDE values for prospective scholars who are interested in enrolling at our schools, speak to others about their experiences, and serve as models for current scholars. Below are BVP's Scholar Ambassadors for the 2013-14 school year.

Class of 2024



My homeroom is Providence College. I am in the 6th grade and live in Central Falls. My favorite class is social studies because I love to hear about the past before I was born.

I came to BVP because my mom noticed that my multiplication skills were not as fast as my nephew's, who went to a different school.

BVP is different from my old school because here they teach you at a high school level while you're in middle school.

In the future, I would like to go to Brown University and then to Johnson and Wales to learn how to bake and cook.



I came to BVP because my sister, Sydney, and my mom, Mrs. Turner, both attend BVP. My mom wanted me to go, so I decided to try it out, and here I am today.

Coming to BVP has let me and my entire family's knowledge grow and expand. Every once in awhile, I will tell my parents something I learned in school, and they say, 'I never knew that, that is very interesting.'ยท

BVP is very different from public, or even some other schools. First, BVP has uniforms that not many other schools have. Also, we have longer days, which allow more learning time. We also get breaks in the middle of the day to get up and move around. We get to talk to our friends and socialize.

I would say to any BVP family, make sure you are ready. It is a lot of work, but it is very fun once you get into the normal routine. I would also say that instead of saying no to coming, give it a try. Maybe if you like it, you could stay. I would also say that for any new scholars, you will make many new friends so don't be afraid of losing friends from your other school. You could always hang out with them on Wednesdays [when there is early release], or on the weekends.



I came to BVP because at an event, there was a sign-up for the school, and by luck, I got in. Coming to BVP changed my life because I can understand more things and I have a goal to go to college. BVP is different from other schools because there are longer hours and homework. Bit it helps you become stronger mentally.

Also, something special is your reward of a field trip, if you earn it by doing what's right and working hard.

The advice I would give is that the school is really advanced and is really fun, and you have a goal to go to college.


I love to sing, act and dance, and my favorite color is orange. I wanted to come to BVP because it was more challenging and also because I thought that it would be a great experience. BVP has changed by life personally because I became smarter and full of knowledge. It has also changed my family's life because they see that their daughter is at the right school and is learning to the best of her ability.

BVP is different from other schools because we have uniforms and also a longer school day (8:00-4:05). BVP is also a charter school!

The advice I would give to a student or family thinking about applying to BVP is to go to BVP! BVP is not like other schools, but in a good way. Also, BVP will positively do one thing that depends on your future. They will get you to college.




I was born on March 8, 2002. In Kindergarten, I went to Fairlawn Elementary, where Blackstone Valley Prep is now.

My experience here is unbelieveable. They have sports, many field trips, and many activities. This is the best school any scholar can go to. BVP changed my life because it gave me more energy and inspired me to go to college. At BVP, we go on the the best field trips. Last year, we went to New Hampshire and saw The President. At the end of the year, we slept at the Boston Museum of Science, and then went to Tufts University for lunch.

BVP is different because we have a lot more homework, we do more activities, and go on more field trips. At BVP, you may get 1 or 2 or even a packet of homework for each subject. I know what you're thinking, but it takes 1-2 hours: not a lot of time. We also have many sports like baseball, soccer, and track and field.

BVP's teachers are all positive and friendly. BVP is a fun and educational school. The best part is that it costs NOTHING.

Some advice I will give a study applying to BVP is to get ready to write and shift your brain into not only thinking mode, but thinking and having fun mode.

Class of 2023



When I first came to BVP, I remember talking to my friends in other schools about what they were learning and being amazed at how many months ahead BVP was compared to their school's curriculum. It made me feel powerful and intelligent.

Both fifth and sixth grade were pretty successful for me. I've met so many great people at BVP: my best friends, favorite teachers, and more.

My life goal is really to go to college and be a leader. BVP will take me there. To anyone thinking of applying, I would say that although you may have your work cut out for you , later on in life you can be anything and everything you want to. BVP has changed my life for the better, and I don't know what I would do without it.



I came to BVP because my mom heard it was a great education and to be honest, it makes my family's life more stressful, but it's worth it! BVP is not for everyone, but you would never know it if you didn't try, and it never hurts to try. If you are feeling like you might want to apply, apply. If you get in, great, if you don't, you can always try again.



I would tell a student or family applying to BVP that their students will have a bright future. I would also tell he/she is they are on the right steps to being successful.

I came to BVP because I heard many great things about this school, and I decided to try it out. When I first applied, I didn't get in. I didn't find out until the summer that I was accepted to Blackstone Valley Prep, and was very exciting when I found out that I would be attending.

BVP has affected me because I have learned many things about teamwork and about living the PRIDE values. My family doesn't have to worry that I am doing the wrong thing, or making bad decisions, because they know I am learning and trying to do what's right.

BVP has one goal, which is for every scholar to go college. The teachers help scholars when they need help. The school is also very organized- more than my other schools.



BVP was the start to my new beginning. When I was 10 years old, I started going to Blackstone Valley Prep. At my old school, my teachers didn't seem to care about teaching their students and I didn't seem to be learning a thing. My reading and math skills were tremendously low. The further I got into the school years, the more my parents wondered why I was going to school there.

One day, my best friend's mom was talking to my mom about a school that just opened for my grade. My mom decided to check it out. She was so impressed that she entered my name in the lottery right away. When I got in, my grades started going up, and my reading levels were much better. This changed my life because, all of the sudden, I wasn't up until midnight trying to figure out my math homework. My mom could finally get some sleep. This school seemed to care about my education. I was learning so much that my sisters (who were 2 years older) didn't know some of things I did. I was smarter than them. 

If I had to give any advice to someone who was to come to BVP, I would tell them that it is a lot of work, but you shouldn't worry. The teachers in that class help you so much. The only thing you really have to do is simple. Try.



BVP gave me a chance to excel and be challenged; it gave me a chance to expand my knowledge on academics and life. If you can't keep up, teachers at BVP make sure you get the help you need. Teachers are devoted and are teaching because they love it, not because it is their job. If there was a family considering applying to BVP, I would say to just go for it. BVP is different from every other school, and those who experience it will be changed forever.



I live in Central Falls, am in 7th grade, and this is my third year at Blackstone Valley Prep. I came here to get a better education and more challenging work. I knew I would get all here at BVP.

My mother heard about the school from a friend at work. BVP has changed my life for the better. BVP's staff has helped me become a polite, responsible, confident, and intelligent young adult. Unlike my last school, BVP challenges me, and everyday I learn something new.

What makes BVP special and different is the staff. Here, the teachers are more caring and value both scholars and their families' opinions and thoughts. After school, teachers allow scholars to call them for homework help. How many teachers do you know who are that dedicated?



BVP has changed my life by opening me up to diversity and variety in people I've met. My family doesn't worry when I fall behind because they know I have the support I need. BVP is different because it has much better teacher support. If I could give advice to a family thinking about applying to BVP, I would tell them to do it. I don't regret it and I never will. Shoot for the stars. This was the best choice my mom ever made for me.



I'm in 7th Grade here at Blackstone Valley Prep. My advisory is the University of Rhode Island.

I've been going to BVP for three years now. I got accepted into BVP by the lottery that happened in the beginning of the year in 2011. BVP has changed my family's life because it has been easier for my brother, sister, and I to help each other with homework, since we are all attending BVP.

BVP is different from my old school because nobody used to greet us every day in the morning like they do here. Also, at BVP the discipline is a lot more strict, and the homework is a little harder. But I don't mind a lot of homework- at my old school, there wasn't enough homework.

To the future scholars and families, BVP is not like your old school. Blackstone Valley Prep has a balance of fun and learning, so the students and faculty go home with a smile on their face, knowing they did their job today. There are many fun events for the new scholars. Here at BVP, we are all a team and family. We help and guide each other every day, no matter what grade you are in, you can influence a scholar or teacher's life.



I came to BVP because my parents wanted a better education for me. BVP offers a different education than traditional public schools. At my old school, my art classes were a lot different than our school's art program. For example, all of my BVP art teachers have taught me what art is all about. Before I came to BVP, I thought I was horrible at art. I did not enjoy it at all, but now I love art.

BVP is different from my other schools because it has allowed me to learn new things and get a better education. BVP has helped me achieve a whole new level of learning.

The advice that I would give a newcomer to BVP is you might feel lost and alone at a new school, but you will overcome it. And I tell you this because I felt like that, too. But you will get used to it, and when you do, it's like a dog that you will never want to let go.



This school has changed my life a lot, along with my family. This was a big chance to take from going with a school with all my friends to a new school, but I did it because of the stellar education; however, when I got here I found the best friends I've ever had. I would tell other friends that they should be ready for a long day, but it will payoff in college.

Class of 2022



I'm an 8th grader from Central Falls. I came to BVP because I need to push myself to do the best at school so I can go to a good college. BVP is different than my old school because BVP is helping me to do something in my life and get me to college. My favorite class is music because I love music and the real me can come out. My favorite teacher is Mr. Acosta because he is a lot of fun to be around and makes math more enthusiastic.





BVP has changed my life because I get to use the skills I didn't know I had and perform well using those skills. BVP allows my family and I to look into the future and see something amazing waiting! BVP is different from my old school because here I actually FEEL smart, which is an experience everyone should get. Teachers are extremely engaged in their lessons and develop relationships with their scholars.



Coming to BVP has changed my life because I know so much more than I did before. I made a lot of new friends, too. My family quizzes me on what I learned and they are surprised when I know most of the questions. BVP makes sure that every scholar is on the path to college. At BVP, my teachers really care about me, and they stay after school to help anyone who needs it. The advice I would give to a family thinking about applying to BVP is to make the switch! BVP has a friendly atmosphere, and the teachers make every scholar feel welcome.



My favorite teacher is Mr. Fei. I love to write, and since he's the ELA teacher, he helps me out. I have been at BVP for four years now. Coming to BVP has changed my life in huge ways. Sometimes I sit down with older students and they're learning what I learned a month ago! BVP has helped scholars, and me, be more prepared for the world.

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