Giving to Blackstone Valley Prep

With your gift, we can prepare every scholar for success in college and the world beyond.

From the outside, our schools look like every other, but there is much more to a school day at Blackstone Valley Prep than you might think.

Every morning, nearly 2,000 scholars greet their teachers with handshakes and high ­fives as they head into classrooms named after colleges and universities.

Our scholars embark on thoughtfully composed lessons surrounded by teachers who unequivocally believe that all children can achieve and meet high expectations. They move through their day surrounded by an intentionally diverse student body that allows them to connect with peers across lines of difference and engage in important conversations about race and equity.

scholar testimonial

  • “At BVP, we learn to work together across lines of difference and I really believe that’s a priority when preparing for college and our careers.”

    Charlotte Geoghegan, College Class of 2023
  • “Being in a school that makes a point of being intentionally diverse let’s me experience an important facet of the real world now, before it’s time for me to be entirely on my own.”

    Daniella Magana, College Class of 2023
  • “Experiencing the socioeconomic diversity of Blackstone Valley through BVP has taught me to be empathetic to the situations of others.”

    Charlotte Geoghegan, College Class of 2023

Donate to BVP

At BVP, our community prepares scholars for college with rigorous academic programming, support for social and emotional growth, and a focus on the development of cognitive and non-­cognitive skills. We’re rethinking education to support the whole child as they prepare to take on the world.

As we eagerly step forward to take on the urgent work necessary to raise the bar on education, we invite you to be generous and include BVP in your charitable contributions.

Whether you can give a little or a lot, we would be honored to have your help. On behalf of the BVP team and our board of directors, thank you in advance for your support!

Employer Gift Matching

Many employers will match, double, or even triple charitable contributions made by their staff. Please check with your employer to inquire about matching gift programs. BVP’s tax ID is: 27-0617933.

Annual Appeal

Adopt a Scholar

We invite you to include BVP in your annual charitable gifts. Each year, thousands of scholars apply to our lottery. Despite incredible demand for a limited number of seats, high-quality school choice has been challenged by some. Earlier this year, BVP’s local and state funding was cut by almost $1 million dollars. For every scholar, we now receive $526 less funding than a traditional public school. Furthermore, BVP must pay for all of its facilities out of our operating budget whereas traditional public schools do not.

Graphic visually representing the number of applications BVP received versus the number of open seats for the 2018-2019 school year.

Through it all, BVP continues to provide a college prep education.

  • We offer a longer school day and year with twice as much time dedicated to math, reading, and electives.
  • Clubs and athletics begin in fifth grade and we provide additional late busing for scholars to participate in these as well as other after-school activities.
  • Our scholars take field trips to colleges and universities as well as enrichment trips to museums and cultural events throughout New England.
  • Every scholar in the third and fourth grade has the opportunity to learn an instrument.
  • High school scholars experience a Personalized Learning Model which includes a device for each of them.

Whether you can give a little or a lot, we would be honored to have your support. Our goal for this year’s Annual Fund is to raise $100,000. We need everyone’s help. Your gift will have a direct impact on the high-quality, high-performing programs BVP families expect. On behalf of the BVP Board of Directors and team, we thank you in advance for supporting our appeal and the future of our nearly 2,000 scholars.