Our Results

At Blackstone Valley Prep we know that standardized tests (such as PARCC) align strongly with college and career success.

We also know our scholars are much more than a test score.

Because we are committed to preparing every scholar for success in college and the world beyond, we spend a great deal of time examining assessment results. We use them to help us determine what each learner needs next in his or her learning. More broadly, results allow us to take a closer look at our practices, shine a light on what is working, and determine what changes need to be made to improve our model and better serve our scholars.

These figures are only a part of what we do to prepare a child for what lies ahead. In addition to academics, we pay careful attention to both the social & emotional and cognitive & non-cognitive growth of every scholar. So while we are proud of our academic data, we are equally proud of the overall and continuous growth of our scholars.

2016 PARCC Assessment

We are pleased to report that BVP student achievement was some of the highest in the state. 55% of BVP students scored proficient in ELA and 49.5% in math, compared to RI’s averages of 37.9% in ELA and 29.6% in math–that is a double digit difference in achievement in both. You can learn more about the state’s performance as a whole on the Rhode Island Department of Education’s website.

We are also pleased to report that we are proving what is possible for all students: There were only three schools which serve a majority of low-income students that exceeded the state averages in both English language arts (ELA) and math–BVP is one of them and all three are public charter schools.

Graph: On the 2015-2016 PARCC Assessment BVP outperformed the state by 17.1 percentage points in English Language Arts and 19.9 percentage points in math.

parent testimonial

  • “A BVP scholar is what every child is: dynamic, unique, and special in every way. Any child could be a BVP scholar because BVP serves all children.”

    Lina Mejia, Parent
  • “The opportunity to choose where my son goes to school gave me the ability to seek out a program that fit my son's educational needs and I am grateful for it.”

    Krystal Vasquez, Parent
  • “To find a school culture that prioritizes both diversity, as well as high-expectations for academics to support her future in college and the world beyond, is wonderful. We’ve been thrilled with our daughter’s progress and truly love the school.”

    Georgia Shaban, Parent
  • “My family can’t say enough- I'm grateful everyday that my daughter's exposed to high academic rigor, homework, activities, and a community of motivated teachers.”

    Lina Mejia, Parent
  • “It is so important to me that my daughter’s world is made up of people from many background, and my daughter experiences this every day at BVP.”

    Teague Shosh, Parent

In addition to statewide assessments, BVP also uses STAR assessments to determine how scholars are growing over the course of the school year. These are a series of computer-adaptive tests that are a common indicator of reading and math proficiency nationwide.

Apart from our academic results, we are also proud to share that our stability rate (the number of students who stay enrolled in a particular school until the end of a school year) has consistently been higher than the state average and that our chronic absenteeism is well below state averages.

Graph: 2016 Stability Attendance and Absenteeism Graphic