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Courageous Kids

In the first grade, English Language Arts (ELA) lessons focus on the use of personal and possessive pronouns, past, present, and future verbs, descriptive adjectives, and how to annotate text. [...]

A Lesson in Art

Welcoming educators into our classrooms to observe and having our teachers visit other schools to do the same is a common occurrence at BVP. We believe that to truly improve upon our educational [...]

Academics for All

By Rebecca Russell, Dean of Academics at Elementary School 1 What are academics like at Blackstone Valley Prep? That’s usually the first question I get when I’m discussing our school. Rigor, [...]


At Blackstone Valley Prep (BVP), we often call our community our “team & family.” We say “team” because we believe that working together (staff, scholars, and families) is the most effective [...]