Diversity & PRIDE Compacts

All members of the Blackstone Valley Prep community are asked to read and support our Diversity Compact, a document outlining our organizational values around diversity, and our PRIDE Compact, an agreement established to form a strong community of scholars, families, and educators working toward the common goal of fulfilling our mission.

Diversity Compact

Every member of the BVP community is committed to the academic success, social and emotional growth, and health and wellness of 100% of scholars in an intentionally diverse school that celebrates the racial, ethnic, socioeconomic, linguistic, ability, religious, gender, and sexual-orientation differences of our scholars, staff, and families. We commit to advocating for and accepting decisions that are the best for all scholars. Additionally, by choosing our school, you are choosing to commit to the following:

Families will:

  • Support scholars’ learning from a curriculum that includes age-appropriate engagement with a diverse representation of the backgrounds, identities, and difficult histories that have shaped our country.
  • Show respect for all of the identities represented at BVP in all communications and actions with the school and the wider BVP community.
  • Advocate for changes and decisions that benefit not only their own children, but also all scholars at BVP.
  • Be a model of active listening and authentic and respectful curiosity.

Scholars will:

  • Show respect for all of the identities represented at BVP.
  • Show authentic and respectful curiosity when engaging with the diversity of our curriculum and in interactions with peers.
  • Encourage all community members to uphold BVP’s values in all spaces.
  • Be open to feedback and recognize and change behavior that is not aligned with any of the commitments above.

Staff will:

  • Model empathy and respect for one another’s strengths, identities, and perspectives.
  • Create structured and safe spaces for scholars to learn about power dynamics and injustices.
  • Foster an environment where scholars can bravely learn how to rethink their positions and develop accountability for their impact on others, with the belief that when scholars do not meet our expectations we do not give up on them, we teach them.
  • Empower families to appropriately engage with the school to support scholars.
  • Honor the decisions that young people make for themselves about their identities as they grow into who they will become.

Leaders will:

  • Create opportunities for all of us to learn from each other’s experiences, backgrounds, and cultures
  • Center marginalized voices in decision-making
  • Model leadership grounded in continued learning and active listening
  • Foster an environment where we learn from discomfort and welcome it when learning is necessary
  • Invest resources and personally prioritize ensuring that their teams reflect the diversity of the communities we serve
  • Seek opportunities to be bold in uplifting our scholars and their identities.

PRIDE Compact

This compact is established to unite the families and educators of Blackstone Valley Prep working toward the common goal of preparing all scholars to achieve their goals for college and the world beyond.

Families will:

  1. Ensure that my child arrives at school on-time and attends school regularly. I have read the attendance policy in the BVP Family Handbook and understand the school’s policy regarding lateness, early dismissals, excused and unexcused absences.
  2. Ensure that my child wears the appropriate school uniform daily, as explained in the dress code section of the BVP Family Handbook and the School Supplement.
  3. Make the school a safe space by supporting and modeling the school’s PRIDE values and behavioral expectations.
  4. Communicate regularly with my scholar’s teachers regarding academic and behavioral performance. I will attend as many events as I can at the school including family conferences.
  5. Reach out to the school directly to provide feedback and discuss the growth of the school community.

Scholars will:

  1. Show perseverance by always working hard to achieve my personal best.
  2. Show respect for myself and others in our school community, and the learning environment by being part of a team and supporting my fellow classmates.
  3. Show integrity by being honest with myself and others, and always trying to do the right thing whether or not others are looking.
  4. Show discipline by making appropriate choices about my behavior and my work.
  5. Show enthusiasm by bringing a passion for learning and growing.

Staff will:

  1. Ensure that valuable school time is utilized thoughtfully and efficiently so that the school can provide our scholars with an education that is both academically rigorous and culturally responsive.
  2. Make the school a safe and inviting environment by consistently reinforcing school values.
  3. Communicate regularly with families regarding their child’s behavioral and academic performance through progress reports, report cards, family conferences, telephone contact, and by welcoming families to the school.
  4. Exemplify and model the value of respect for self, scholars, families, and others in our school community
  5. Constantly monitor the strengths, weaknesses, and progress of our scholars, both academically and emotionally. We will provide extra support to our scholars as needed.