• “Being in a school that makes a point of being intentionally diverse let’s me experience an important facet of the real world now, before it’s time for me to be entirely on my own.”

    Daniella Magana, College Class of 2023
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What Makes Us Unique

When you were 5 years old how much do think you understood about yourself? You probably had a favorite color. Maybe even a favorite animal. Apart from your likes and dislikes though, how much did you really understand about you? We think it’s [...]

Our Ninth “First Year”

By Jeremy Chiappetta, Executive Director Blackstone Valley Prep opened in 2009. From the outside looking in, this is our eighth year, but for the nine of us who have been here from Day 1, this feels a lot more like our eighth “first year.” That [...]


This Thanksgiving we invited our community of staff, families, and friends to help us fill Twitter with things they are grateful for. Calling all BVP staff, families, and friends: we want to know what you’re thankful for! This week, use [...]

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