Meaningful Results

At BVP, we know that standardized tests align strongly with college and career success.

We also know our scholars are much more than a test score.

Because we are committed to preparing every scholar for success in college and the world beyond, we spend a great deal of time examining and analyzing assessment results. We use them to help us determine what each learner needs next in his or her education. More broadly, results allow us to take a closer look at our practices, shine a light on what is working, and determine what changes need to be made to improve our model and better serve our scholars.

These figures are only a part of what we do to prepare a child for what lies ahead. In addition to academics, we pay careful attention to both the social & emotional and cognitive & non-cognitive growth of every scholar. So while we are proud of our academic data, we are equally proud of the overall and continuous growth of our scholars.

2018-2019 SAT Results

We are pleased to report that BVP scholars outperformed their peers both in the state of Rhode Island and nationally on the SAT. BVP averaged 490 on SAT Math, compared to the state average of 474 and a weighted average from BVP’s sending districts of 420. BVP averaged 487 on English Language Arts (ELA), compared to the state average of 483 and a weighted average from BVP’s sending districts of 428. Indeed, BVPHS’s overall academic achievement is extraordinary, with SAT results that also edge out the national average (977 versus 973).

More so, in looking at subgroup data, our scholars from low-income backgrounds dramatically outperformed their like peers statewide with scores of 969 versus 859.

Graph illustrating SAT math results by subgroup
Graph illustrating ELA results by subgroup

2018-2019 RICAS Results

2019 marked the second year of the Rhode Island Comprehensive Assessment System (RICAS) in grade 3-8 in English Language Arts (ELA) and mathematics.

For the second year, BVP outperformed the state proficiency averages by double digits in both ELA (49 versus 39) and mathematics (49 versus 30), despite serving a much higher percentage of scholars from low-income backgrounds than the state population. Indeed, BVP scholars from low-income backgrounds outperformed their like peers statewide by 20 points in ELA and 26 points in mathematics.

Middle School 1 saw the largest percentage of students make High Growth in mathematics (62%) of any middle school in the state!

Detailed data is available on RIDE’s assessment page.

Graph illustrating RICAS ELA percentages
Graph illustrating RICAS Math percentages