Our Academics

Every BVP school is a positive, challenging, and exciting learning environment filled with joy and wonder.

We believe firmly that all scholars can achieve and become successful college students and so we intentionally work to foster a college­ prep culture. To support this belief that every one of our scholars is college bound, we build elements of college pride into the everyday nuances of our scholars’ days.

  • Our classrooms are each named for a college or university.
  • Scholars take frequent trips to college campuses as early as kindergarten.
  • Our scholars identify not by their grade, but by the year they will graduate from a four-year university.

The academic program at every BVP school includes:

  • A strong college culture, diverse student body, and constant celebration of PRIDE values.
  • Rigorous standards­-based curriculum, inclusive of the arts and physical fitness.
  • Frequent assessments used to drive instruction.
  • Consistent research-­based instructional practices supported by professional development and supervision.

Emphasizing our values

While the manner in which these elements are implemented varies within different grade-­spans, their presence is retained to continually emphasize our values through performance, recognition, and celebration. We invite you to explore how our model evolves as our scholars move through our grade-­spans.

Would you like to learn more about BVP’s approach to academics?

Watch our video on academics below or visit our elementary, middle, or high school pages.

teacher testimonials

  • "Few students in the state (and indeed the nation) can engage with a discourse on integration with as much authority. I’m immensely grateful to teach such students and work with parents who have committed themselves annually to this vision, to these ideals, whether consciously or unconsciously."

    Everett Epstein, High School Teacher
  • “I am so thankful for our scholars. They are the heart and soul of our work and make it so much fun to come to work every single day!”
    Osvaldo Jose MartÍ, Middle School 2 Head of School
  • “When we say we’re preparing our scholars for the world beyond, we mean it and more so, we mean it for all scholars.”
    Ronald Vincent, Elementary School 1 Dean of Culture
  • The opportunity here at Blackstone Valley Prep is to truly impact change. We are challenging the status quo. With scholars from 4 very different communities, Central Falls, Cumberland, Lincoln, and Pawtucket, all performing very well - at high levels - we’re saying that all students can learn.

    Colleen Colarusso, Chief Schools Officer
  • "BVP’s scholars consistently surprise me with their level of commitment to each other and their communities. Whenever I cede the floor to a conversation about class, race, or gender in reference to our text, I’m amazed at the depth and felicity of their perspectives."

    Everett Epstein, High School Teacher
  • Equity means that not every kid needs the exact same thing. Some kids might need some additional supports. For us, it's about making sure we individualize our supports and our approach for each of our students by considering what each one of them needs.

    Osvaldo Jose Martí, Middle School 2 Head of School

Our culture is also one of care and support, encouraging scholars to do their best, celebrate success, and feel supported when they persevere to master challenging lessons.

We believe in doing whatever it takes to ensure all scholars learn and make progress; this sometimes means providing additional support.