Our Academics

BVP believes fundamentally in rigorous mathematics, reading, writing, science, and arts instruction for all scholars, of all backgrounds.

In fact, we believe who they are is an asset in accessing that instruction, and a part of the curriculum for all their peers.

At Blackstone Valley Prep, we believe every student is brilliant, and it is up to us as educators to give them the opportunity to show it. Every child is given challenging classwork and the chance to engage with intellectually engaging content.

BVP prepares scholars with:

  • the academic skills necessary to succeed in college coursework,
  • social and personal skills to serve them in a complex world,
  • ways to explore their interests, and reflect on personal goals,
  • and knowledge and habits of mind to disrupt injustices.

The academic program at every BVP school includes:

  • College-preparatory coursework and constant celebration of PRIDE values.
  • Rigorous standards­-based curriculum, inclusive of the arts and physical education.
  • Frequent assessments used to drive instruction.
  • Consistent research-­based instructional practices supported by professional development and supervision.

Would you like to learn more about BVP’s approach to academics?

Watch our video on academics below or visit our elementary, upper elementary, junior high, or high school pages.

teacher testimonials

  • "Teaching 7th graders is one of the hardest and most rewarding things you can do. Scholars show me the best of humanity on a daily basis."

    Phil Magano, Junior High School Teacher
  • "BVP truly lives the scholar first mindset! All stakeholders often question, 'How can we do better for our scholars?'"

    Marjorie Cortico Ramirez, Director, Advancement Academy
  • "I choose to work at BVP because I truly believe in our intentional diversity model and the notion that all kids deserve an equal education no matter their zip code."

    Jessica Loisel, Elementary School 2 Teacher