Our 100th Day of School

Legend has it that novelist Ernest Hemingway was once challenged to write a full story in six words. His answer:

For sale: baby shoes, never worn.

Our scholars have been issued this challenge many times and have risen to the occasion. Last spring, the 6th grade team at Middle School 1 was featured on the official Six Word Memoirs website for their utilization of six word stories in English Language Arts. (You can read the feature here.)

Two years ago, we commemorated the 100th day of school by sharing six word stories written by our staff. In honor of this year’s 100th day of school that just passed, we set out to collect a new set of stories from our staff and scholars.

We asked staff to answer the following questions:
-Why do you work at BVP?
-What motivates you to teach our scholars?
-How would you describe BVP?

We also asked our scholars the last question.

In honor of 100 days of learning, here are their responses:

From our staff:

  • Changing them and ourselves – leveraging diversity.
  • Really passionate people changing the world.
  • Their eagerness, their love, their willingness.
  • Our work is urgent. College ahead!
  • Scholars, families, and teammates: one mission!
  • Today we learn. Tomorrow we lead.
  • Educators focused on proving what’s possible!
  • Our scholars today are tomorrow’s leaders!
  • The work, hard; the impact, great!
  • Perseverance. Respect. Integrity. Discipline, Enthusiasm. LOVE!
  • A diverse community educating future leaders.
  • Every child is capable of greatness.
  • I’m at BVP to change lives.
  • Paving paths toward success motivates me.
  • To me, BVP means opportunity.
  • Knowledge is power, BVP does that.
  • Intentional diversity. Culturally responsive future leaders.
  • Create future leaders that influence society.
  • Stronger together, work for each other.
  • Specialized instruction, passionate colleagues, beautiful minds.
  • My ES2 scholars. Los becarios ES2.
  • Connecting across historically segregated RI communities.
  • The future is in our hands.
  • For some, music will save them.
  • For scholars, who inspire me daily
  • For our scholars and their families.
  • I teach because I care deeply.
  • New job. New adventure. New shoes.

From our scholars:

  • Try hard. Don’t give up. Succeed.
  • Dream big; never quit; keep learning.
  • BVP is my key to life.
  • Hard work expected. Ready for future.
  • Educate yourself to be better later.
  • Learning can never be taken away.
  • Work work work work work work!
  • The long day is worth it!
  • Lots of work, but fun work.
  • BVP makes me count my blessings.
  • Here, we are different on purpose.
  • More work. More knowledge. Ace college.
  • If we try, we can lead.
  • I will be great one day.