ARTS Initiative

“Feed the body food and drink, it will survive today. Feed the soul art and music, it will live forever.” – Julie Andrews

Scholars across our network are enjoying a range of new creative experiences thanks to a grant from the Rhode Island Department of Education. The Art Reengages Talent in all Students Initiative, or the ARTS Initiative, is dedicated to supporting local schools as they rebuild or strengthen their arts program coming out of the pandemic. It’s designed to help provide opportunities so that all students can participate in the creative process no matter their background or income level.

Our elementary school scholars are creating digital compositions on brand new iPads, learning to draw from an updated art library, enjoying new music on a full-size electric keyboard piano, and tuning their string instruments with Rhodie Ukulele Tuners.

At the secondary level, scholars are performance ready with new choral risers, professional microphones, and an audio interface for recording, songwriting, and podcasting. (If you haven’t listened to Growth Through Process, a podcast written and produced by BVPHS scholars, give them a listen here.) Many high school scholars have become budding journalists, producing the school’s first-ever school paper, +1 News, and are excited to put their new printing press to use.

“A high quality and robust arts education is fundamental in the development of all children and an essential need in all schools. With the funds received from the ARTS Initiative, each BVP school was not only able to purchase materials for their existing programs, but allowed our district to expand our arts programming to reach even more scholars during the school day. With new materials such as iPads to create digital art or edit music on, lights to illuminate the stage during theater performances, books, easels, and so much more, our scholars are engaging in the arts with a renewed sense of passion and pride.” Krystle Poirier, District Music Chair

Since BVP’s founding, the arts have always been an integral part of our scholars’ daily schedule. And, in recent years, thanks to community partnerships, grants, and highly dedicated classroom teachers, we’ve been able to expand our offerings outside of standard instructional time – from theater (Lion King Kids and Frozen!) to band. BVP was chosen to participate in a choral partnership program with the Rhode Island Children’s Chorus for our most musically advanced scholars. The Upper Elementary School band introduces 5th and 6th grade scholars to a variety of band instruments, including trumpets, clarinets, and trombones, and expands their musical education, allowing them to connect to music like never before. At BVP High School, scholars participate in evening “Coffee House” performances during the school year that showcase their creative talent. And, every year BVP hosts a Scholar Art Show & Artisan Fair which showcases hundreds of pieces of artwork from scholars across the network.


Teaching working with students in iPad

Scholar playing music on iPad

Scholars posing with their iPads

Scholars posing with their iPads

Scholar tuning an instrument

Scholar playing a ukulele

Scholar playing a ukulele

Scholar drawing a picture

Scholars working at a computer