Blackstone Valley Prep Scholars Experience “The World Beyond”

In August Blackstone Valley Prep (BVP) launched its Partnerships for Success Program, an initiative that provides high school scholars the opportunity to gain real work experience through shadow days and internships. This summer, eight BVP scholars spent time immersed in the work environment at Navigant Credit Union, HV Collins, Central Falls City Hall, and our own operations team.

Sam Millette with Dave Martel during internship

Seniors Sam Millette and James KcKee spent two weeks interning with HV Collins, a construction management company! The architecture, construction, and engineering internship provided scholars with insight into the the phases of work contractors work through to construct a building from the ground up. The internship idea came after a group of BVP scholars spent a day shadowing architects and designers at Arrow Street, the architecture firm that designed the building blueprints.

Seniors Gladis Ricaurte and Melannie Munera-Goez took advantage of the Advance Course Network (ACN), a Rhode Island Department of Education (RIDE) initiative that gives high school students an early start by taking college courses for credit. Ricaurte and Muner-Goez enrolled in the Roger Williams University School of Continuing Studies Community Development Program where they explored how financial institutions, government agencies, and other entities interact and impact development in communities like their own. That experience inspired Gladis and Melannie to apply to Community Development internships at Navigant Credit Union and the City of Central Falls, where they had the opportunity to see their coursework come to life in their own neighborhoods.

BVP scholar Melannie Munera-Goez posing for a photo during Navigant internship

“While taking the Community Development classes offered at Roger Williams University, I became more interested in how my own community operated. Being able to participate in the Community Development Internship with Navigant Credit Union truly brought to life the concepts that I have learned about in my classes with Roger Williams University.” – Melannie Munera-Goez, BVP Senior.

BVP scholar Gladis Ricuarte posing with Mayor James Diossa during City Hall Internship

“When we learned about and observed the housing system in Central Falls and Pawtucket, themes from the RWU Community Development class were familiar, specifically about affordable housing and the role of the state in creating affordable housing. Even though all communities required a minimum percentage of affordable housing, for political and idealistic reasons, certain ones do not provide the minimum amount of affordable housing.” – Gladis Ricaurte, BVP Senior.

BVP is constantly working to achieve our mission to prepare every scholar for success in college and the world beyond, but this would not be possible without work of the amazing partners who take their commitment to education to the next level. Navigant Credit Union, the City of Central Falls, and HV Collins have been trailblazers in piloting internships that expose our scholars to real work experiences, real supervisors, and issues that expand their understanding of the world.

We look forward to expanding our list of #partnersforsuccess in year 2! If you or your organization is interested in being a #partnerforsuccess for Spring and Summer 2018, please fill out this form.