Building Bonds On and Off Stage: ES3 Thespians Celebrate Family with Annie, KIDS

“This theater program will forever hold a special place in my heart and I am excited to see the countless students it will continue to touch in the years to come.” – Rihanna G., 4th Grade Thespian

“Amazing” appears to be the word of the week as ES3 is still buzzing with excitement after the ES3 Thespians production of Annie, KIDS on Friday. Other words flying around the halls to describe the show include “perfect”, “fantastic”, and “the best thing we have ever done.”Young actors on stage performing a scene from ‘Annie’ where they are energetically waving bed sheets in the air. The stage is set to resemble an orphanage with props such as beds and buckets, creating a lively and engaging performance atmosphere.

The performance took place at BVP sister school, ES2, where the auditorium buzzed with anticipation last Friday. The air was filled with the scent of fresh popcorn as audience members eagerly awaited the start of this year’s ES3 Thespians production, led by Ms. Krystle Poirier and Mrs. Molly Bliss. Backstage, nerves were running high. One fourth-grade cast member shared, “I was so nervous at first and thought I couldn’t breathe, but as soon as I got on stage and saw my family, I knew I could do it.”


A group of young actors dressed as various characters from ‘Annie’ stand together on stage. The scene appears to be set in a mansion, with actors dressed as servants and other characters, creating a sense of the ensemble cast working together.As the first notes began to play and a stream of six sleepy orphans entered the stage, viewers were transported back in time to a New York orphanage in 1933. The musical’s first song, a soft piece called Maybe about one little girl’s hopes of what her parents may be like was a wonderful introduction to the show’s musical hits that follow. Shortly after, the cast of orphans join Annie front and center for the powerful and rambunctious It’s a Hard Knock Life where the cast danced their hearts out with mops, buckets, and even the sheets on their beds. Other songs included the unforgettable Tomorrow, the villainous Little Girls and Easy Street, the bustling New York street scene of NYC, and an adorable rendition of You’re Never Fully Dressed Without a Smile. ES3 Thespians captivated the audience right up to their bows at the end of the show that they took to a standing ovation.

Miss Hannigan sits at a desk with an old-fashioned telephone, with her curly hair and a pink feather boa, speaking Annie. The backdrop includes hanging clothes, adding to the scene’s authenticity.

Throughout its history, Annie has held a special place in the hearts of all who view it, because at its core, it tells a story about family, and how family can get us through the many struggles and challenges that come up as we navigate through life. This message of family not only applies to the families we have waiting for us at home, but the chosen family we create for ourselves filled with people who inspire us and lift us up in difficult times. In a way, The ES3 Thespians have created quite a family of their own with 30 actors, 2 directors, and a hefty handful of assistants always there to support each other and lift each other up.


Three young actors on stage performing ‘Easy Street’ from ‘Annie,’ dressed in costumes that include a feather boa, a suit, and a polka-dot dress. The backdrop shows laundry hanging on a line, reflecting the era and setting of the musical.The ES3 Thespians is an after school theater program held once a week throughout the year, introducing Elementary School 3 scholars to musical theater. Over the course of the year, scholars rehearse after school weekly to sing, dance, and act together as a team, all while they explore their imaginations, make quick creative decisions, and use problem solving skills on the fly. The program has come a long way since it was founded in 2019 and the effects it has had on our scholars is clear. Fourth Grade scholar Rihanna G. says “This journey with theater will forever hold a special place in my heart and I am excited to see countless students it will continue to touch in years to come.” Artistic Director Molly Bliss says, “One of the highlightsThe young cast of ‘Annie’ performs a high-energy dance number, standing in a line with arms around each other, kicking their legs in unison. The stage is decorated with signs for ‘Roxy’ and ‘Broadway,’ adding to the New York City theme of the musical. of my school year is seeing the growth our theater scholars go through. They go from shy scholars nervous to sing one on one in an audition to proudly belting out their favorite song as they dance in front of a crowd of 250. It takes a lot of hard work, dedication, and an incredible support system to see these kids flourish like this. I feel incredibly lucky that we are able to offer this to our scholars each year.” Rhett S., a third grade scholar added, “Being involved in theater means a lot to me. Earning the role that I wanted made me feel like I was meant to be in theater and that I am something special. I’ve made a lot of friends, which has been a big deal for me.” The ES3 Thespians are about to enter their sixth season, with Willy Wonka, KIDS in the lineup coming June 2025, under the continued direction of Mrs. Molly Bliss and Ms. Krystle Poirier!