Distance Learning at BVP

Dear Families,

On Monday, March 23, Blackstone Valley Prep will begin implementing its Distance Learning Plan created in partnership with the Rhode Island Department of Education. We are actually really excited for this new adventure! Check out this clip of Governor Raimondo addressing students who are about to embark on Distance Learning (beginning at 4:14).

How will this work?

Each scholar has been assigned a Distance Learning Teacher (DLT) by your scholar’s Head of School. This may be their mentor (at the High School level), their squad/community club teacher, their homeroom/advisory teacher, the case manager for their IEP, or another adult in their building. This person will check in with the scholar and/or caregiver for at least 15 minutes 2-3 times per week. Distance Learning Teachers will be responsible for scheduling these check ins at times that work for them and their scholars, and they can take place via phone, Zoom, FaceTime, or another agreed upon tool. You can expect a call from your scholar’s DLT on Monday.

These check-ins form the backbone of BVP’s approach to distance learning and support the following priorities: 1) support safety and physical health, 2) provide stability and connection to our school community, and 3) keep learning!

Aside from check-ins with a DLT, will I receive additional communication from the school?

YES. Scholars/families will receive a ParentSquare message from their Head of School at 8 a.m. every morning (beginning Tuesday, 3/24) that includes: school-specific information, network-wide updates (if applicable), and suggested daily enrichment activities designed to get your scholar(s) moving, break up their day, and even provide them with a little enjoyment during these difficult times. (Scholars can select whichever enrichment activity interests them the most.)

We’re even working on a component where parents/caregivers will have the opportunity to upload photos of their scholar’s artwork and/or videos of their scholar’s PE/music activities for others to view and enjoy! More information to come.

What will a typical day look like for my scholar?

Suggested scholar schedules are linked below. These schedules should be used as a guide for how long your child should spend on each activity daily. For scholars 5-12, to the extent possible, scholars should stick to these times to complete their work for each class and connect with their teachers. Middle School and High School teachers will also have scheduled office hours.

Kindergarten-2nd Grade Scholar Schedule
3rd-4th Grade Scholar Schedule
5th-8th Grade Scholar Schedule
High School Scholar Schedule

Where can I access the materials my scholar will need for Day 1?

Learning packets were sent home with K-8 scholars on Friday, March 13. Scholars who were absent on Friday should have received a packet in the mail this week. Digital copies of the K-8 packets can be found online. High school assignments can be found here.

My scholar has an IEP or 504 Plan. What should I know?

Special Education services will also begin on Monday, March 23. All scholars will continue to receive free and appropriate public education (FAPE) under IDEA federal and Rhode Island State regulations. Accommodations, modifications, and other supports guaranteed under Section 504 will be provided. Our staff will continue to collaborate with each other and work closely with families to plan the best method of communication and individualized distance learning plans for every scholar. You can expect a call from your scholar’s DLT on Monday.

What about the state tests and other tests like the SAT or AP Exams?

RIDE is working with Massachusetts to determine what to do about the RICAS (it’s built with Massachusetts and their MCAS). Likewise, RIDE is working with the College Board on the PSAT, SAT, and AP Exams. The March, April, and May PSATs and SATs have all been postponed. Follow www.twitter.com/APforStudents to stay up to date on AP Exams.

My world has changed since I filled out the survey regarding technology access. How do I get a computer if I really need one?

Your scholar’s DLT will reach out on Monday to check in. Part of the check-in will be determining what technology supports you may need. Please know that the Distance Learning Plan does not require your scholar to spend all day on a computer. Depending on the grade level, having access to a smartphone for a few minutes a day may be enough. BVP is working to lend devices to families, but is first prioritizing those who have no devices at home. We will then work to support families who rely on a shared device, especially if there are multiple scholars at home.

I still have questions. Who should I contact?

In an effort to streamline communication, please direct your questions to your scholar’s DLT when they reach out on Monday morning. The DLT will work directly with your scholar’s Head of School to answer any questions they might not have the answer to.

What else should I be doing?

Read, baby, read! And do Khan Academy for math (Mission Complete Khan shirts will be free while they last!). Watch a documentary. Write in a journal. Exercise. Play music. Create art. Check in on one another. Follow @bvprep and @chiachess on Twitter. Practice social distancing. And, WASH. YOUR. HANDS.