ES3 Thespians Perform Frozen KIDS

“This was one of the best productions I have ever been in. Everyone had a great time, and it was so amazing to be in the play!” – Elementary School 3 Fourth Grade Cast Member


Scholars performing Frozen KIDS

The auditorium was packed on Friday night as the ES3 Thespians took the stage to present their musical production of Frozen KIDS. Before the curtains lifted, scholars were filled with anticipation as they peeked from backstage to see their sold out audience waiting to be transported to the magical village of Arendelle. From the moment the first notes of “Let the Sun Shine On” rang out, the audience was captivated by the magical story of Frozen which packed a lot of real life stage magic into its 45-minute run time, including a talking snowman who loves summer, a magically transforming dress, a dancing snow storm, and real snow falling from above the stage.

When choosing this year’s spring musical, Frozen KIDS was a clear choice for the ES3 Thespians—not only for its wonderfully relatable characters and toe-tapping musical numbers, but for the themes and lessons it holds. Throughout the story of Frozen, we are reminded to look inward for strength, taught that love is the answer to misunderstandings and hardships, and encouraged to be confident in the unique abilities that we possess. These lessons became the guiding principles for the cast to remember as they pushed themselves out of their comfort zones throughout the year completing auditions, learning choreography, and memorizing difficult lines. In the words of one fourth grade scholar, “It is a fantastic and unique experience, and it really takes some skill.” These scholars really took Elsa’s words to heart as they saw just what they could do, tested the limits, and broke through!

The ES3 Thespians, an after school theater program that teaches scholars about acting, staging, improvising, and all things musical theater related, is about to enter its fifth season, with Annie KIDS next coming June 2024! Artistic Director Molly Wilson states, “It always is a truly magical experience watching the scholars that join our program over the year. It amazes me as we watch such shy and timid auditioners bloom into a whole new confident version of themselves. The lessons theater teaches truly can last a lifetime, and I hope these are experiences the children never forget.”

“This is one of the best theater shows I’ve ever watched!”- Elementary School 3 Fourth Grade Scholar