Looking Forward to 2017

Happy New Year from BVP!
As all of us at BVP (and people around the world) reflect on 2016 and look forward to 2017, we asked BVP High School Scholar Council External Affairs Officer, Savannah Melo, to share her thoughts on the new year. Savannah will be a regular blogger on BVP Musings in 2017 and will be sharing news and updates from our high school. We couldn’t be more thrilled! Enjoy her first post below.

This school year has been unbelievably successful so far! Scholars at our school have had their ups and downs, but I think it’s safe to say, everyone will be ending 2016 on a high note. I entered high school as a freshmen this year along with the rest of the college class of 2024. Some scholars were thrilled and some were very nervous, but that’s part of the experience! The Junior class (college class of 2022), currently the eldest scholars here, have stepped up as role models for both the Freshman and Sophomore classes. They have also all been working very hard the past few months preparing for their life in college and the world beyond.

Every scholar at Blackstone Valley Prep has their own impression of 2016. I’m sure most freshmen, like myself, were excited to enter high school while at the same time felt challenged by the school work. Being introduced to mentor groups was a unique experience to me. I have found that I like having a mentor though. My mentor motivates me to never give up on my work. She pushes me to do my best, even when I feel like I can’t.

I recently sat down with our Scholar Council President, Edy Pineda, to discuss his take on 2016. Edy shared with me that 2016 “…was an interesting year, filled with a lot of transitions.” He, like I am, is very excited to start 2017 and embrace a new environment in the new high school building we will have next year. “It would be nice to have a brand new building for our senior year,” Edy says. His dream college to attend is either Boston University or Boston College, so he hopes that 2017 includes visits to their campuses. He wants to pursue his passion for medicine at Boston University, specifically, because they are a very liberal college and have an accelerated program for pre-med majors.

Being a member of Scholar Council has been such an honor. Collaborating with upperclassmen as a freshman in order to come up with ideas to improve the high school was a little overwhelming, but it has given me the opportunity to be break out of my shell and meet different people. Being at Blackstone Valley Prep has allowed me to be with a diverse group of amazing scholars I will never forget.

I look forward to sharing more about the BVP high school experience in the new year.
From all of us on the High School Scholar Council – Happy New Year!