Meet our Newest Leader: Dr. Michaela Keegan

Earlier this week, our board voted unanimously to appoint Dr. Michaela Keegan as the new Head of School for BVP High School. After a long search, reviewing more than 75 applicants, and detailed interviews with staff, scholars, and families, we are thrilled to have her on board. The search was intensive. We read lots of promising resumes along the way. It was important to us to find the perfect fit though, so we held out. Dr. Keegan comes to us with an impressive resume, exceptional experience, and a great education, but that’s not what sealed the deal. It was important to us that the right person fit our culture, connect with our scholars, and deeply value our mission. We found that in Dr. Keegan.

When we walked into Dr. Keegan’s interview I immediately noticed the joy on her face. You could tell that she wanted to be here. Everything she said made me feel like she was really dedicated and that she understood our school culture. She talked about building relationships and how important it was to her to connect with us. More than that, she showed us. In the short time we spent with her, we really connected. With her as Head of School, I feel like I’m going to be on a good path. – Scholar Cesar Urzua, College Class of 2023

So, who is Michaela Keegan? She’s a Rhode Islander. Born and raised here, she currently lives in East Greenwich. She also loves sports, having coached both softball and soccer at Hope High School. (A detail that had our scholar athletes excited.) She has also worked in both urban and suburban schools, giving her perspective on the wide range of communities present in Rhode Island. Most importantly, she believes that all kids can achieve. While we interviewed her, she likewise took a deep look at BVP. It was important to her to find out whether or not every person she met – from families to staff, teachers and leaders alike – all truly lived the mission of preparing every scholar for success in college and the world beyond.

We are also struck by the things that give Dr. Keegan energy. Collaboration, building up school culture, and having a clear vision and plan are at the top of her list. All things that we feel are necessary as we head into a school year with our first graduating class.

Dr. Keegan shined in her interview with us. I didn’t really have to ask her any questions. She addressed all the things that were important to me before I had the chance to ask. That showed me that she would fit here. What I liked most about her was how proactive she was. She talked a lot about fixing problems right away before they can become real issues and making plans to help teachers and scholars stay on track. She’s so focused on doing the best possible job. – Scholar Edy Pineda, College Class of 2022

We are excited for the next chapter of BVP High School’s story. All within the next school year, a new Head of School will join our scholars, our first graduating class will walk across the stage, and we will move into BVP High School’s new home. There’s a bright year ahead of us, and we can’t wait to see it unfold.

For our press release about Dr. Keegan’s appointment, click here.

Dr. Michaela Keegan holding an award trophy

Dr. Michaela Keegan