SAT Results for First Junior Class

SAT results for our first junior class are in and they are incredible! Our scholars are 91% more likely than a typical Rhode Island junior to be college and career ready in both literacy and math. On average, BVP scholars scored 108 points above the state average, ranking among the top performing and most affluent districts in the state.

“BVP scholars are proving that demographics do not need to determine destiny,” said BVP Board Chair, Central Falls Mayor James Diossa. Two-thirds of our scholars are eligible for free or reduced price lunch, a key indicator of poverty. BVP’s strong results are a clear outlier, especially when one considers the diversity of our students:



Graph of the SAT College and Career Readiness of Rhode Island High Schools. Plots SAT score against percent Free and Reduced Lunch. Shows BVP has a high percent of students in poverty, but among the highest SAT scores in the state


BVP SAT “guru” Drew Madden highlights the additional time and effort students put in to get these results, citing that nearly every student raised their score from the year prior. Madden says, “some of the individual results were staggering: a perfect 800 on the math portion of the SAT and almost 10% of the class scoring at a 1400 or higher.”

This work is critical to our mission to prepare every scholar for success in college and the world beyond. Our staff is energized by this proof point of what is possible for our scholars and ready to raise the bar even higher for the quality of education we deliver.