Share the News: Our Application is Open!

By Jennifer LoPiccolo, Director of External Affairs

The other day as I was driving from one BVP school to the next I caught a bit of a talk radio show discussing Massachusetts’s upcoming ballot question to lift the cap on charter schools. A caller was sharing that she didn’t understand why she received a mailer for a nearby charter school if there was such demand already. Immediately I shouted out in my empty car, “Because we have to make sure that EVERY family knows when they have the opportunity to choose a public school for their child!” I arrived at my next destination and didn’t get to hear the actual response. If I had, perhaps this would be a blog entry with a different kind of message. 🙂

This is my sixth lottery season at BVP and I have worked with many families and team members throughout those years who are so eager to share with their neighbors, families, and friends the details for how to apply to our network of schools. I meet hopeful families at our open house (scheduled this year for January 28th) and know there are still families out there we haven’t reached.

Will you help me (again)?

In the next couple of weeks our school offices will have postcards to share and fliers to post. If you stop in, please take a handful and pass them out to neighbors, local libraries, and businesses in your community. You can share this link to the online application now.

Help us help another family in our community know about this choice today.

The lottery for the 2017-18 school year will be open until February 15th, 2017. If you have questions email or call 401.400.1287.